• BBC Northern Ireland

    An ancient building that predates Derry's walls has been discovered along with musket balls, a small cannonball and a number of intact wine bottles.

    The building, believed to have been burnt down during a rebellion known as the O'Doherty rising, in 1608, had stone foundations, a cellar and upper floors made of timber.

    The earliest find was a shard of medieval pottery dating to AD 1200-1400. Only a small part of the building has survived.

    Environment Minister Mark H Durkan, has described it as highly significant.

  • Derry Now

    Work today began on a new Siege of Derry Musuem.

    The centre is part of a £3.7 million project that includes the renovation of the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall and an eight week archaeological dig.

    The museum is designed to educate people about the 1689 siege and build upon the cross-community outreach work already undertaken by the Apprentice Boys of Derry.

  • More than 50 fantastic entries were received for the Siege Museum's recent Schools Art Competition. Pupils from Oakgrove, Lisneal, Saint Cecilia's and Saint Joseph's created a piece of art inspired by the Siege, after a workshop with the Siege Museum's  outreach officer.

  • Derry Journal

    A £3.7 million renovation of the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall and extension to include the new Siege Museum has moved forward with news that a preferred contractor has been identified for appointment.