• The Annual Walker Parent Club Initiation Day will take place on Saturday 17th June. As a result the museum will be open 10am to 2pm with last entry at 1pm.

  • Due to a family bereavement the Siege Museum will be closed to the public on Saturday 20th May 2023. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  • The Browning Club will hold their annual initiation day on Saturday 13th May. Parade leaving Rossdowney Park at 11am.

  • The museum will be open Monday 8th May, 10am to 3pm with last entry 2pm. See you all then.

  • Good Friday - 10am to 5pm

    Saturday 8th - 10am to 5pm

    Easter Sunday - Closed

    Easter Monday - Closed

    Tuesday 11th - 10am to 5pm


    Last entry to the museum is 4pm.


  • The No Surrender Parent Club will be holding their annual St Patrick's Day Parade on Friday 17th March.  The Siege Museum will be closed on this day.

  • This Saturday 3rd December will see the Apprentice Boys of Derry Assoication take to the streets of Londonderry in commemoration of the brave actions of the 13 Apprentice Boys who closed the gates of the City in defiance of King James II back in 1688.

  • The Siege Museum is delighted to be open on Friday 23rd September for Culture Night 2022.

  • Walker's Plinth will remain open to the public on Friday and Saturday afternoons throughout the Summer. Visit Royal Bastion or climb to the top of the Plinth for a great viewing point - our Siege characters will be there to meet you.

  • Our 17th Century soldiers will be outside the Siege Museum this Saturday and every other Saturday (except Saturday 13th August) throughout the Summer, giving a demonstration on the firing of the Siege cannon and musket. 12-4pm.