John Bishop Visits Siege Museum

Thu, 19/10/2017 - 11:41am

Comedian John Bishop recently spent time with Siege Museum staff, learning about the history of the Siege of Derry and Apprentice Boys Association.

Comedian John Bishop is currently making a documentary as he tours around the North and South of Ireland with his stand up show.  On his visit to Londonderry he met up with our tour guide Stuart, who showed him round the Siege Museum, Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall and also a climb to the top of Walker's plinth.  

John interviewed Stuart for over 2 hours and the hope is that this documentary will make it on to our TV screens in the new year.

To complete the experience, complimentary tickets for John's show in the Millenium Forum that evening were given to the staff.  A great evening was had and topped off with a refreshment backstage afterwards.